Aurora Field Archery Club is registered with the National Field Archery Society (NFAS) and we hold regular field archery competitions in our 60 acres of woodland in Highwood near Chelmsford Essex. We also hold monthly club days in which we shoot our novel "scene shoot" format.

As a club, we meet regularly for indoor and outdoor practice and attend NFAS Open Shoots and National Championship shoots throughout the year.

Aurora Field Archery Club holds two Open Shoots a year where NFAS members can come along to pay and shoot in our woodland.  For more information about upcoming shoots, please click here.

What is NFAS Field Archery?

In field archery, we shoot 2D & 3D targets at unknown distances, using a variety of bow styles from Longbow to Crossbow.  It is an incredibly versatile sport, catering for all ages and competencies.  Anyone from a single archer to the whole family can enjoy this outdoor sport, making lots of new friends along the way plus keeping the fitness levels up whilst exploring the great outdoors.